Joe Giggins

The Cyclist

Being an athlete is not all about how big your engine is, or how much you can lift, or how far you can go. It's a way life - knowing how to structure your diary, organise your training time effectiveley, how to eat right and how to take care of your body should be top of your list. Gaining some extra knowledge is something that will improve your training, boost you towards your goals, and improve your quality of life. My goal is to give you the knowledge to help you achieve just that.

Joe’s Background

I have been involved in competitive sport since the age of 10, it all starting the local swimming pool which led me on to competing to a national level at the age of 14

Then came the new found love for Triathlon where I was incredibly lucky to have some amazing coaches which pushed me on and inspired me to compete nationally against World Champions in 2008

I then transferred to competitive road cycling in 2011 winning my first ever circuit race and working very hard to become the Regional Road Race League Champion in 2013.

In my last competitive road season I was fortunate enough to take part in the ITV4 Pearl Izumi Tour Series and the British Elite Road Series events. The unfortunate part was a crash which took me out of competitive cycling.

Since 2014 I have focused nearly all of my competitive energy into coaching. I have been able to pass on my experiences and knowledge to all levels of rider, from novices learning to ride a bike to National and International athletes. I am very lucky to be running the successful Lee Valley Junior Cycling Team that compete all over the country in the National Junior Series and International UCI events.



Some of my personal achievements include:


  • Winner - Eastern Region Road Race League 2013

  • 1st place - Shaftsbury CC Road Race 2013

  • 1st place x 7 - Redbridge Cycling Centre 2012-2015 seasons

  • 2nd place - Archer RC Sprint Criterium 2014

  • 3rd place - MOD Woodbridge Autostrasse 2014

  • 4th place - Eastern Region Road Race Championships 2014

  • Competitor in the Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2014

  • Competitor in the Elite Men's National Road Race Series 2014


  • 1st place and record holder - Grays Triathlon 2015

  • 1st place and record holder - Redricks Lake Triathlon 2015

  • 1st place and record holder - Culford Triathlon 2015


What I Offer:


Personal coaching plans

A structured training plan that fits with your lifestyle. including regular updates, nutritional advice and Access to online exercise gallery

From £50 per month


Cycle specific coaching

1:1 sessions at specific road cycling facilities and away from traffic. for all levels - if you are new to cycling or want to improve on those racing skills.

Redbridge cycling centre - ilford, essex

the cyclopark - gravesend, kent


I have been working on my coaching career for 10 years, my qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 British Cycling Coach

  • Level 2 ASA Swimming Coach

  • Level 1 Triathlon Coach

  • National Standards Cycling Instructor & Instructor Trainer

  • SHOKK Young Adults Instructor

  • Register of Exercise Professionals - REPs no. R0076966

  • Enhanced DBS certificate holder



Personal Training sessions

Weekly 1:1 personal training sessions, Working towards your specific goals. including expert workouts, training tips and Nutritional Advice

from £15 per session


Road cycling lessons

Learn how to use your local roads safely by COMPLETING the National standard for cycling. there are three stages of this course from beginner skills to riding with traffic on multilane roads and roundabouts




I have known Joe for best part of five years since he first started out as a Personal Trainer (PT) back at my local gym. From the outset what stood out about Joe was his energy, enthusiasm and commitment to helping people with their fitness, but also his actual enjoyment he gets from his chosen career.

So, at end of last year when I decided to embark on a personal challenge of doing my first ever triathlon, l had no hesitation upon enlisting the services of Joe. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made. From the outset Joe was very clear about my goals and what I needed to do achieve them, and quickly set about building a tailored training program to see me through to the big event.

During our sessions Joe has been supportive, motivating and ensuring you push yourself to get the full value during your time with him. Each of our sessions has been thought-out, defined and structured, with Joe keeping a written record of your progress and assessing your performance to date. Between sessions, Joe goes the extra mile by checking in that you are sticking to plan and giving you tips, words of encouragement, along with providing advice when asked.

By far the biggest thing that separates Joe from other PT, in my personal opinion, is his personality. He is naturally a friendly positive person, who has a passion for what they do. This in turn pays dividends when you watch him around his fellow PT, clients or taking a Spin class; people naturally warm to him and enjoy his training methods, but also respect – and take comfort – in his knowledge and expertises in what he does. A winning formula for sure!!" 

Dan Keeling

“Joe's training sessions have really helped launch me towards my goals. He keeps me motivated and always pushes me that extra 10%, there's no cheating with Joe, which is exactly what I need. Joe clearly spends a lot of time and effort planning the training so that I get the most out of every sessions, keeping it exciting, fresh and fun. He also monitors my progress to ensure that I get what I want from the sessions. On a personal note I always find Joe very friendly and welcoming, with an easy manor that anyone could get along with. He really does want to give the best he can so I can get the most out.”

Gary Mitchell

”Joe worked wonders for me, helping me drop almost 2 1/2 stone while adding muscle and definition over 6 months. A natural motivator, Joe tailored my training to always push me as hard as I could go by setting achievable goals and understanding my capabilities. Joe transformed my physique and he can do the same for you!" 

Mikey Way