Rob Mayes


Personal Trainer / Rowing Coach

I’ve always loved sport and spent much of my youth and early adulthood playing in basketball and football teams, eventually starting to challenge myself in new ways by taking on a few marathons and triathlons.  In 2012 though I found a new passion - rowing.  Starting indoors, competing at local competitions I got the bug and wanted to see how far I could go!  I joined Broxbourne Rowing Club the same year and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Just 3 years after first sitting on a rowing machine, I qualified with a crew to race at Henley Royal Regatta which is the biggest and most prestigious regatta in the UK, arguably the world (click here to watch the race). My experience on the road to Henley as a relatively new rower taught me a lot and after the race I felt compelled to give something back, so I decided to teach others and qualify as a level 2 British Rowing Coach.  

The future was bright!  I was going to use my passion to train new rowers, whilst simultaneously taking on my second Henley campaign. Life had other plans however, and in 2017 I suffered a heart attack. A result of over training with a virus, that had put a strain on my normally healthy heart. This was a massive wake up call.  It showed me in no uncertain terms just how fragile life can be, and how we must listen to our bodies.  Mine was saying ‘REST’.  I ignore it and carried on with my intensive training schedule.  A mistake I won’t make again.  

Whilst I recuperated in hospital, meeting other patients on my ward really opened my eyes to how much of an impact lifestyle has on your health.  It became very clear to me then that coaching people to lead a healthier, more active life was the most important thing I could do.

So my plans have changed.  Although sporting achievement still means a lot to me, my motivation is now to help people at any level get what they want out of sport in the best, most sustainable way possible. If you’re an accomplished athlete already and have a new goal in mind, I can help you train to reach your full potential without burning out.  If you’re new to sport or simply want to get moving I’d love to be part of that journey.

Commitment, consistency and hard work are the keys to success, but I also believe that enjoying your training is very important and essential in keeping you motivated, so not only will the programme be bespoke to your needs, it will also be fun!

Qualifications and Achievements

Personal Training

As a personal trainer, I’m able to help everybody who needs a positive change in his or her life. Your level of fitness doesn’t matter – you could be beginner who has never been to the gym before, or an elite athlete wanting to improve performance. We all respond and train differently, so there is nothing generic in my sessions. Together we will work to your strengths and improve on any weaknesses.


Training Location Options:

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GroundWork Training

A private gym Located in Hackney Wick


Broxbourne Rowing Club

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Your Home

If getting to the gym is difficult I can train you from home.