Triathlon / Iron Man

18 week Training plans.


Our 18 week training plan is an ideal way for a self-motivated athlete to train towards a specific race or goal in a cost effective way. It is suitable for those athletes who require structure to their training but wish to do so without the monthly/annual financial commitment of a having a coach.  The bespoke plan will be tailored to your needs and set realistic and achievable training targets which build towards your goal.

From Sprint distance to Ironman and beyond, reach your potential with 4performanceUK.


Marathon Training Programme

Introduction: The following training programmes cover a period of 17 weeks. Before embarking on one of these marathon training plans you should have done four to eight weeks of steady running so that you have a foundation of fitness to build on. Each programme is designed to cater for different levels and abilities so it’s important that you choose the right plan for you. A training schedule needs to be challenging but not so that you feel out of your depth.If you're used to running but you've never completed a marathon before, use this guide to give yourself a new challenge and prepare for the race.