Sophie Apps

The MAgic Hands Physio

Sophie Apps Bsc (Hons), MCSP, MHCPC

Graduating from Kings College University in 2010, I completed my junior training within the NHS. This was elemental in kick-starting my enjoyment for working with musculoskeletal injuries and patients post-operatively, to see the challenges I could help overcome.  I gradually started seeing more sports injuries privately outside of my working hours, and personally became involved in racing more regularly as a runner and entered the competitive world of Triathlon.

I couldn’t wait for my shift to finish at the hospital, so I could travel an hour back into central London to treat people; from here Apps Physiotherapy was born.

I left the NHS in 2012 to take on the private world of Physiotherapy. Since then I've worked within a number of private gyms and clinics and it was this experience which lead me to developing my own clinical services.

I am lucky enough to be involved with a fantastic range of individual sportsmen and women, teams and have travelled internationally with sports clubs - but I can treat all types of musculoskeletal disorders and love to see people progress from a place where injury has defined them, to see them achieve a amazing things.

Personally, as an amateur triathlete and an all-terrain runner, my love of  treating sports injuries is innate. I enjoy the weird and wonderful and having myself completed some awesome endurance sporting events I really enjoy supporting athletes who take on any kind of challeng

Here are a few of the organisations I am involved with, or have worked with:

  • The FA

  • Lee Valley junior Cycling Team

  • Gibraltar cricket team

  • KCL Boxing team

  • Crystal Palace Football Academy, Barnet Ladies FC,


Physiotherapy involves assessing movement from individual muscles, joints and bones and how they interact with each other to allow human movement. When this goes wrong (as it often does) with injuries it can be really difficult to get going again. By having a thorough assessment, discussing things together and building a plan tog get you back to where you want to be is the best way to manage an injury.
Treatments can include video analysis of movement, and/or sports, sports massage. joint mobilisations, manipulations, taping, and looking at sporting equipment and how you use this as efficiently as possible.

Sessions are generally an hour, and prices starts at £50.

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Rehabilitation brings lots of connautations, but as a Physiotherapist it should all be amount analysing your specific needs from whatever has happened (after injury, reoccurring injuries, tendonopathies, after surgery etc.), and then exploring all the aspects of that movement (balance, co-ordination, agility, strength and power) to rebuild the mechanisms and get you back to moving well again, and then into giving the best performance you possible can.
Sessions are generally an hour, and prices start at £50.
If required Sophie is available to provide rehabilitation in your local gym or pool - please ask for more information about these options.

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Sports massage


Sports taping

Sports massage is unlike a relaxing massage, as as such is designed to work directly with muscles and soft tissue to release tension, works to increase circulation and help with recovery post sport and after micro trauma has occurred.
When used regulatory, sports massage can make a big difference to recovery within a set programme and as part of a training programme towards a one-off event.
Sessions are generally an hour, and prices start at £50.

Sports taping is a useful tool when recovery from injury, generally I see it as a short term treatment option. In clinic it is used more for pre - event issues, or post event to help with recovery and healing of soft tissue injury.

Sessions vary dependent on time length and complexity, prices start at £10


“Having been to other Physios in the past, I was thoroughly impressed with how thorough Sophie was and it was great to have an in-depth consultation and be given advice that was tailored to me and not just generically prescribed exercises. I also used Sophie's run assessment service which was enjoyable as well as informative! Great to get a professional insight into my running style and understand where I could improve my efficiencies and decrease my chance of injury in the future. All in all a fantastic physio and results speak for themselves.”

Rosie - Runner


“Physiotherapy has done wonders and the session with Sophie has been the turning point in my rehabilitation. During the latest review with my consultant we can see the bone is healing really well and there should be no need for an operation. I would recommend Sophie for anyone looking for a great Physiotherapist.”

Ian - Cyclist