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4 Performance Nutritional Therapy


Prior to the initial consultation, you will receive a medical questionnaire and a 3-day food diary to complete.

A full health analysis will be made from these and a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle report will be sent to you following all the consultations. Food likes, dislikes, supplements, portion guidelines, timing of eating to support your schedule, current health and training will all be considered.

Consultations typically last 1-1.5 hours.

All consultations are conducted over Zoom. 

At each consultation we would work on different areas of health and new goals would be set. Consultations are 4 weeks apart from each other, but in between we can keep in contact, should you have questions etc. I’m here to support you throughout.

If you’d like to explore functional testing to investigate symptoms of ill health or would like general wellness testing, I can offer you stool, urine and blood testing which are carried out by various laboratories.

If you are struggling for inspiration, bespoke meal planning would be an additional cost of £150 for a week’s plan with corresponding recipes.


1 x initial consultation
1 x follow-up consultation


1 x initial consultation
3 x monthly follow-up consultations


1 x initial consultation
5 x monthly follow-up consultations


(Payments can be spread across consultations, Packages must be used within 7 months)

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