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4 Performance Nutritional Therapy


All consultations are conducted by online video or telephone, and are offered on a one-to-one basis, but parents, guardians, partners and friends are all welcome at the client’s discretion.

At least 48-hours prior to the consultation, I’d ask that a 3-day food diary and health questionnaire be completed and returned to me. The information provided allows me to prepare in advance maximising your time with me. During the initial consultation I will assess your general health and symptoms, family and health history, dietary and lifestyle habits and general digestive function. We will also carefully consider your food likes, dislikes, level of cooking ability, budget and any other personal requirements. Then with your goals in mind, an individual health and lifestyle plan can be devised. These may include dietary changes as well as nutritional supplementation if necessary.

Often interpretation of test results from a client’s GP or other therapists is required. If necessary, I may also recommend some functional diagnostic testing which I can organise through a number of laboratories to investigate potential imbalances and underlying causes of symptoms, for e.g. gastrointestinal dysfunction.

The number of consultations required depends upon individual circumstances, although it is advisable to be seen at least twice, within 4-6 weeks of each appointment – so ideally the follow-up consultation would be around 4 weeks after the initial consultation.

During follow-up consultations, changes will be assessed and the programme adjusted in accordance with progress and any remaining or new concerns.

For those with more complex issues, discussion can be made as to whether additional appointments would be beneficial to meet your health goals.

Initial consultations typically last around 1-1.5 hours.

Follow-up consultations last 45 minutes approximately.


1 x initial consultation
1 x follow-up consultation


1 x initial consultation
3 x monthly follow-up consultations


1 x initial consultation
5 x monthly follow-up consultations


* Ad-hoc bolt-on services for e.g., bespoke meal planning, is charged at £60 per hour.

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