Jon Warren
Head Coach
(BTF Level 2 Diploma)

Jon is a lifelong runner who discovered triathlon after being inspired at London 2012 Olympics. Since then, he has gone on to hone his skills across various distances and become a respected triathlon and run coach. He brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all of his athletes.

Triathlon, Running, Duathlon, Ultra Events

Sophie Tye 4 Performance Physio

Sophie TYE

Head Physio


Sophies Physiotherapy career started back in 2010, graduating from Kings College London. She completed her junior rotations in the NHS and moved into the private world of Physiotherapy, treating sports injuries in 2012, the same year she entered her first Triathlon.

Musculoskeletal injuries


Amy Skinnard
(BTF Level 2 Diploma)

Amy started out as a swimmer before finding her passion for running at the age of 11. Whilst running still features heavily in her day-to-day life, she transitioned to triathlon and aquathlon in 2015. As a qualified coach, Amy is passionate and enthusiastic about helping others to achieve success and enjoyment in sport and uses her knowledge and experiences to do this.


Running, Aquathlon and Triathlon

Michael Dempster 4 Performance Coach


Michael has been in the world of triathlon for 23 years, from racing elite level at Olympic distance as a Junior through achieving a top 10 finish in his age group at the infamous Ironman Lanzarote to present day trying to qualify for an elite long distance racing license at the age of 38.

Alongside this he has been a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and endurance specialist for the last 15+ years.


Long Distance Triathlon, Duathlon, Bike Optimisation, Race Day Planning/Preparation

Hope Youngs

Hope Youngs

Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Sport and Exercise Psychology promotes understanding cognitive behaviour to improving performance and the importance of wellbeing and mental health of an individual. From elite athletes to beginners, practicing and developing mental skills can motivate athletes and decrease physical inactivity.


Imagery for performance, exercise to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Stephanie Goold 4 Performance Nutritional Therapist

Stephanie Goold
Nutritional Therapist

I’m a foodie with a life-long passion for how foods’ fascinating biochemical properties can truly affect physical and emotional health. Every day we ask a lot from the remarkable machine that is the human body, yet often it is not fed the right fuel.

Essential nutrition is crucial for optimal health and peak performance, both in everyday life and in sport.


Zoe Anstey

Zoe graduated from Yoga Campus at The Life Centre, Islington in 2019. With a background in dance her classes are a blend of creative movement and controlled breath work aimed at supporting people from all walks of life in balancing and strengthening their body and mind. 


Yoga for beginners 
Yoga for stress and anxiety 
Pregnancy yoga
Yoga for digestive health