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Physiotherapy involves assessing movement from individual muscles, joints and bones and how they interact with each other to allow human movement. When this goes wrong (as it often does with injuries) it can be really difficult to get going again. By having a thorough assessment, discussing things together and building a plan to get you back to where you want to be is the best way to manage an injury.

Treatments include video analysis of movement, and/or sports, sports massage. joint mobilisations, manipulations, taping, and looking at sporting equipment and how you use this as efficiently as possible.

Session prices start at £55.


Rehabilitation brings lots of connotations, but as a Physiotherapist it should all be about analysing your specific needs from whatever has happened (after injury, reoccurring injuries, tendonopathies, after surgery etc.), and then exploring all the aspects of that movement (balance, co-ordination, agility, strength and power) to rebuild the mechanisms and get you moving well again - and then into giving the best performance you possibly can.

Session prices start at £55.

If required we are available to provide rehabilitation in your local gym or pool please contact us for more information.

Sports massage

Sports massage is unlike a relaxing massage, and as such is designed to work directly with the soft tissues and muscles - releasing tension, improving circulation and assisting with recovery post sport, or post racing after micro trauma has occurred to the tissues.

When used regularly, sports massage can make a big difference to recovery of these soft tissues within a set training programme and/ or towards a one-off sporting performance.


Session prices start at £55.

Sports taping

Sports taping is a useful tool when recovering from an acute injury, generally it is seen as a short term treatment option only. In clinic it can be used more for  as a pre-event intervention, or post event to help with recovery and healing of a soft tissue injury, particularly bruising and inflammation.

Sessions vary dependent on time length and complexity, prices start at £10

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