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I first discovered yoga when classes were offered at the company I worked for in the city. My job at the time was stressful and fast paced, so I’d always wanted to try yoga as I’d heard it can do wonders to balance mental health. Being an ex dancer I love movement and have a particular interest in the anatomy of the body. I instantly fell in love with yoga and it has since become my passion to share its numerous benefits with anyone I can. 


Since graduating I’ve been teaching at Romford Rock and Boulder weekly and offer various private classes upon request. During the pandemic I taught free community online classes to those struggling during times of lockdown in an attempt to bring back some structure to the week. It was very well received and was a real eye opener for me in terms of how powerful yoga can be in terms of wellbeing. The sense of community and support is what I live for in my teaching. 


It is my mission to make yoga accessible to everyone and to drive off the stigma that’s still around today. Yoga is about working with where your own individual body and mind is today not about how flexible you are or how long you can handstand for.

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