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Athlete Focus- Glen Anderson

Next in the series of our Athlete Focus posts, we speak to Glen Anderson who has been coached by 4Performance for 6 months.

How long have you been participating in your chosen sport?

I have been a casual runner off and on for years but only ever did any training if I had an event booked up which was normally the occasional 10k and the Great North Run 20 years ago! I took a charity London Marathon place for the event which was supposed to take place in April 2020 and started running regularly in late 2019.

What is your preferred distance?

Although a complete novice and only completed 2 marathons, this is a distance I have enjoyed training for and really want to improve on.

What made you decide to start having coaching with 4Performance?

Partly my performance in my first marathon and the need for a more structured plan along with a recommendation from my neighbour Mark who spoke very positively about 4Performance.

What goals had you set yourself for this year?

To be consistent with my training, improve stamina, strength, technique and improve on my original times in half marathon (02:10) and marathon (04:26).

How have your race performances stacked up against those goals??

I have only been with 4Performance for 6 months and have already improved my half marathon to 01:41 and marathon to 03:54 and with the continued coaching I feel confident that I can improve on these times.

Since starting with 4Performance what improvements have been made?

There have been improvements in all areas, the varied training plan has made the world of difference and given great structure to my training, my knowledge has improved considerably and I find myself fitter than ever despite being in my early 50's. Originally I only signed up to get myself through the marathon but have enjoyed the process so much that I now look forward to getting stronger and fitter over the winter with a view to enter several events next year and improve further on my times.


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