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Athlete Focus- John Conquest

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Next in the series of our Athlete Focus posts, we speak to John Conquest who has been coached by 4Performance for almost a year.

How long have you been participating in triathlon?

I dipped my toe into the sport a few years back competing in a few Olympic distance events. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that I really got back into triathlon.

What is your favourite discipline and why?

Cycling- it’s my strongest discipline, I enjoy the competitiveness and all the apparel that comes with it. The training and social aspects of cycling are really enjoyable.

What is your preferred distance?

I’m competing in two ironmans this year, so I would say (famous last words ) full distance.

However, I really enjoy the high intensity of an Olympic distance.

What made you decide to start having coaching with 4Performance?

I have always known and understood the benefits of a training program supported and led by a coach. I came across 4performanceuk by chance. I was intrigued by the website, so much so I read every article. I was drawn in by Jon’s blog, and by the end of it, knew he was the guy I was going to get to coach me.

What goals have you set yourself for this year?

  1. Continuing to improve my swim performance

  2. Completing two full distance ironmans: the Lakesman and Ironman Switzerland which are only 10 weeks apart

  3. Finishing off the season with an Olympic distance PB

Since starting with 4Performance what improvements have been made?

I have improved significantly across all three disciplines. In addition, my knowledge of the importance of form, technique and strategy has improved so much that it is starting to become second nature and has, in my opinion, held off injuries that I would normally expect to suffer from.



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